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Apartment design

VAE design & architecture creates aesthetically pleasing and constructively calibrated apartment designs. It is important for us that our clients enjoy their stay in their home at all instances. Each project we’ve worked on has undergone a series of original constructive and stylistic techniques we used. It is important for us to create an interior that matches the character and lifestyle of its owners.


Why is it important to order a project of an apartment in Minsk?

Our designers provide a complete and holistic solution for your apartment, which includes not only the creation of a visual presentation, but also detailed technical documentation. We implement projects using only existing materials, furniture and interior items that is available for you to purchase. When developing a project, we adjust it to your budget. It is vital to ensure that the implementation of the project does not exceed the amount you have planned for your project.


What is included in the apartment/residential design?

  1. Functional zoning and development of a new planning solution for your apartment;
  2. Design and visualization of all spaces. At this stage we select materials, furniture, lightning for your interior;
  3. Detailed technical documentation. All the elements of the interior with exact sizing we be displayed on the drawings; you will also be able to see photos of the interior design of the apartments in Minsk, which we have been working on, as an example of our projects.
  4. Specification of materials and interior items. All materials, furniture, lamps, sanitary ware we group in a table, which indicates where it can be purchased.


The cost of designing apartments?

Each project is unique and the cost for your apartment’s interior design is unique as well.

When calculating the price, we take into account the area of the apartment, the necessary set-up of the project and the design features of your apartment.

To order a project in Minsk, contact us by phone.

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Preparatory stage

Project composition

  • Signing a contract
  • Collecting information about the object
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Operating schedule

Planning stage

Project composition

  • Measurement plan
  • Measurement plan
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Furniture plan

Styling stage

Project composition

  • Recommendations for interior solutions
  • Drawing up collages, schemes
  • 3D Rendering

Technological stage

Technical documentation

  • Project Drawing List
  • Measurement plan
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Installation plan for plasterboard structures
  • Furniture plan
  • Plan with furniture arrangement and dimensions
  • Floor plan
  • Ceiling level plan
  • Ceiling plan with references
  • Lighting plan, switching groups and switches with furniture arrangement
  • Lighting plan, switching groups and switches with references
  • Plan of sockets, electrical outlets with furniture arrangement
  • Plan of sockets, electrical outlets with bindings
  • Plumbing equipment layout plan
  • Plan - floor heating scheme
  • Plan - door scheme
  • Plan - diagram of the air conditioning system
  • Plan - layout of the premises
  • Finishing facilities
  • Wall sweep
  • Plumbing specification
  • Furniture specification
  • Lighting specification
  • Finish specification

Final stage

Project composition

  • Selection of materials
  • Project costing
  • Internal tender
  • Selection of contractors
  • Estimated project implementation
  • Work schedule
  • Copyright support
  • Project implementation

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