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Customers do not want a bright and saturated interior, and they appreciate the comfortable and calm color.

Объект: Cottage
Локация: g.p. Raubichi
Год: 2023

This project is in a house located in the Minsk region, the village of Raubichi.

Clients adore minimalism, modern interior design trends. As a result, we made the project minimalist with an unusual but laconic design, clean surfaces and volumes, because customers do not want a bright and rich interior, but they appreciate comfortable and calm color.

The main area combines the living room, kitchen and dining room. The dark walls did not affect the interior in any way, but only emphasized its contrast. The space is still transparent, practical, bright thanks to large windows. Geometry is pleasing to the eye, spacious space and high ceilings make individual pieces of furniture stand out, even despite their large size.

The living room has an ergonomic TV area, which is a place for family recreation and the concentration of all activities in the house. A big plus of this zone is the view from the windows: on the one hand it opens on the reservoir, on the other hand on the courtyard, where a huge pine forest stretches.

There is an office in the house, in which not only excellent modern design and dark decoration play a big role, but also a large panoramic window and a view of the reservoir from it, which makes the mood change a lot. All furniture and its components are made of natural materials, the interior looks strict and elegant.

Between the first and second floors there is a staircase and a kind of meditation zone under it. The staircase evokes an airy feel thanks to the transparent glass railings and the opportunity to see the lower floor and open common space, meditation area and the view from the panoramic window. On the second level there is an interesting and useful space with a wardrobe, a mirror, a floor lamp and a bench.

The house has a comfortable minimalist garage, a dressing room, a separate bedroom for grandchildren, for the customer’s son and his family. The house on the 1st floor has a master bedroom, a bathroom, a bathroom with a shower area at the spa area and the spa area itself.

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