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Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects

After the creation of the interior project, landscape design, follows also an important stage: renovation, construction and finishing work. Of course, ideally, workers have respectful education, but in most cases this is not the case. During the implementation of your ideas, the builders have a lot of questions that can be answered only by architects and qualified designers , so that fatal mistakes during constructions are avoided.

We help you solve all the renovations issues  at once. The SERVICE IS ALWAYS relevant for business people, who are care more careers about their family and career, than of continuous supervision of construction works, since it’s a whole new universe and undiscovered science for people, who have never been involved in construction.

In interior design, you just need to give us a task, share your ideas and place an order. All the construction chores from now on will be under our guided supervision and we will be solely responsible for it. At the same time, design project will fully represent the outcome you were anticipating to see.

What is the benefit of turnkey interior design for you?

The turnkey project will be executed with all the packages of documentation needed for professional workers to execute.
You don’t have to stress about purchasing materials, furniture, plumbing equipment, lamps or any of the related. We take full care of it, considering best options for you budget.
You are given all the estimates even before the work starts with options of suppliers.
Yet, you have your free time at disposal, meaning you do not spend time on trips to the construction site, supervising workers.
Since we work on a full-time basis with professional worker teams, all the works will be carried out by the same team, which undoubtedly plays in cost-savings favor.

We can be trusted: you do not have to make purchases and buy the missing materials: everything is calculated and estimated in advance.
Our suppliers are trusted partners, who have been doing business with us for years now.
The pleasure of getting the outcome of  a turnkey project delegated to us is incomparable to the hustle and stress you may encounter trying to embrace a whole new industry independently.

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