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Small office design

Small office design

The development of offices, as well as any other interiors should begin with the design. When it comes to design, there are no irrelevant aspects: it is important to take into account all the nuances, from the color scheme, to the location of the outlets and network communications. One of the most important aspects of a small office design is the competent arrangement of lighting and lighting devices. This is the key to the efficient work of employees, as lighting devices contribute to the creation of a working environment.


When designing a small office, it is important to determine the way of organizing the space. What kind of layout it can be: open, closed or mixed.

The closed concept implies a layout that reminds us of Soviet times. That is: spacious corridors with many doors representing different departments and all workers work behind closed doors. This concept assumes a linear and functional structure of the organization.

In an open-plan, workers are accommodated together, being able to communicated and interact freely. Spaces of this kind are often referred as open-space or studios. Thanks to this setup, the company employees are more united in their common goal.

A mixed type of a layout is also quite popular. It involves the use of open spaces, which are divided into cells, in which departments reside, using partitions. This layout is in high demand across the USA.

Lighting in the design of a small office

In Soviet constructions, most of the offices are designed based on a closed type of the layout, therefore the design of a small office is in demand for interior design studios.

One small office can accommodate several tables for employees. It is important that every workstation is provided with sufficient lightning for comfortable work in front of a screen. There is a widely-used rule: tables are not to be located against the windows, so that the day light would shine directly on a monitor screen. It is recommended to put them perpendicularly against the window.

It is also important to remember that intelligently located lighting devices can visually expand the space. Closed offices usually have bright color palette to make them look more spacious. The walls are made glossy or mirrors are placed in order to make up extra spaciousness of the room.

When choosing lighting, it is important to remember that in any case it is impossible to use cold lighting in interiors with a warm color palette and vice versa. It is preferable for the factory office to use cold shades in lighting, as this will boost business environment. For companies with a creative atmosphere, pick up warm tones.

To raise the ceilings visually and make the room even wider accent lamps will help.

Furniture in the design of a small office

In any case, it is not necessary to clutter small rooms with huge racks and workstations, as such decoration will have the worst impact on the work environment. Move all the documents and folders to some archive warehouse externally.

The design of the furniture will depend on the style in which the office is built. Use an angular diagram instead of a linear arrangement. You will be able to apply zoning with furniture, separating some employees from others.

The colors of the furniture are also chosen in accordance with the overall style solution of the interior. The most demanded finishes are gray and natural wooden colors, as well as cherry blossom shades.

Furniture market can offer an extensive range of furniture selection, which will definitely fit into any style. Office furniture should be as simple and functional as possible.

Manager’s office

Manager’s office should be both a workplace for the head of the firm and a place where negotiations are held. It is important that the design is not only liked by the company’s top management, but is also in line with the general style of the company. It is not necessary to decorate the office of the top management with personal belongings, as it will distract from the work.

Strict design with small attributes, which symbolize the position it is made for, will be the best option. Instead of paintings on the walls place awards and certificates. Furniture in any case should not remind of home comfort. Forget about inappropriate motley colors and pretentious design elements.

Staff offices

The design of small offices designed for workers must be consistent with corporate style. The environment, even if it is strict, should create a sense of productive, yet comfortable work zone. It is important that the workplaces are provided with storage spaces so that employees do not clutter their desks.

You can decorate the walls with some minimalistic and calm paintings. This will boost productivity and won’t distract employees from their main duties.

If you have the need to design a small office and you are looking for a studio that can help embody your vision of corporate style in the interior of the room, our experts will happily provide professional expertise.

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