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Project of the house

Project of the house

Everyone desires to have a sacred place where they feel like HOME. If we consider a residential site, the house is a concept that is at the top of comfort living and can differ in size and number of amenities indoors. Interior design and renovation will help solve many problems associated with the lack of comfort-enabling conditions in the house. In fact, designers and architects help to turn the house into a cottage if there are available resources and capacities for it.

The VAE Interior Design Studio will help you create quality custom project of the house based on your wishes, designing landscape and facade to aspire uniformity.


Our advantages:

  • Exquisite taste. Feel free to check out our projects in the portfolio, where make sure that even an abandoned dwelling can be turned into a dream place.
  • Construction. We’ve surpassed an ensuring number of projects that bring joy to families and individuals on daily basis.


✓Construction. Construction workers need supervision, since very often involved parties are not interconnected. That requires clear communication and project management. Under our supervision and management, the team of professional workers, builders and craftsmen are quick at performing key operations and deliver results under pressuring deadlines.

✓Experience. Our portfolio comprises of more than 100 projects of different styles and complexities for various needs and uses. We’re certain to say that we will always find the solution that meets your demands.

The cost of a home project starts at $5 per square meter and depends on the service selection.

In order to get a free designer consultation for the final selection of the studio executive call or write us at VIBER on: +375291657454, +375445664833


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