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Cottage design

Cottage design

A cottage is a luxury home equipped with all possible communications for the most comfortable life. Also, the cottage differs from the house in that the cottage has a more modern and refined look, namely design, and also has a landscape area, which is not always a part of a regular house.


So that no concerns would be risen, the cottage must be designed with pristine meticulousness and special care. Taste here has an important role, so you can see our cottages design portfolio, curated by our designers.


The interior design of the cottages differs from other types of dwellings because of:

  1. 1. Larger area
  2. 2. Multi-floor construction
  3. 3. Exterior elements: facades and premises
  4. 4. The presence of rooms really necessary for a comfortable life, such as utility rooms, a garage, a bedroom for guests, gym, etc.);
  5. 5. Unlimited freedom when developing drawings.


Interior design development for cottage starts at $5 per square meter.


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